Which are the most atmospheric ghost tours in the UK?

11 June 2024

The United Kingdom, with its rich history and heritage, offers an array of enchanting experiences for those intrigued by the supernatural. Its well-preserved castles, houses, and historic sites, often with a dark and gloomy past, provide a fitting backdrop for some of the most atmospheric ghost tours you can ever experience. If you're looking to partake in a chilling and thrilling adventure, here's a list of the best ghost tours in the UK that will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine, no matter how seasoned a ghost hunter you may be.

The Tower of London Ghost Tour

Ranked among the most haunted spots in London, the infamous Tower of London is a must-visit for ghost tour enthusiasts. This UNESCO World Heritage site, with a history spanning over 900 years, has witnessed numerous executions, tortures, and betrayals. Its inhabitants have included the likes of Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes, both of whom met grisly ends.

During the tour, experienced guides, often dressed in period costumes, spin tales of the tower's haunted past, taking you through the Traitor's Gate, the Bloody Tower, and the hauntingly eerie White Tower. You'll hear about the ghost of Anne Boleyn, decapitated for treason against Henry VIII, who is said to still wander around the tower holding her severed head.

Remember to book your tickets well in advance, as this tour is popular and sells out quickly. Keep in mind that the Tower of London has a strict cancellation policy, so plan your visit accordingly.

The York Ghost Hunt

York is known to be one of the most haunted cities in England. Its medieval streets and ancient buildings house a myriad of ghostly apparitions and tales. The York Ghost Hunt is a fantastic way to experience these hauntings first-hand.

Guided by professional ghost hunters, you will journey through the eerie, cobbled streets of York at night, visiting well-known haunted locations, including Clifford's Tower and the Shambles. As you navigate through the city's narrow snickelways, your guide will share spine-chilling stories of York's ghostly inhabitants. The York Ghost Hunt is widely regarded as one of the best ghost tours in the UK, and is an experience not to be missed.

The Haunted Happenings at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, with its imposing towers and imposing façade, is a staple on any ghost tour enthusiast's itinerary. Haunted Happenings at Warwick Castle is an overnight ghost hunt that gives you exclusive nighttime access to this 1,000-year-old castle.

Your hunt will start at dusk and last through the most haunting hours of the night. You will explore the castle's darkest corners, including the infamous Kingmaker's Exhibition and the dreaded dungeon. The castle's rich history of battles, murders, and executions provides a wealth of terrifying tales and potential ghost sightings.

These tours are limited to small groups and often sell out months in advance, so early booking is recommended. If you're seeking a truly immersive ghost hunting experience, this tour is a great choice.

The Ghost Bus Tours in London

If you're looking for a unique blend of horror and history in the heart of London, The Ghost Bus Tours is a perfect choice. This tour takes place aboard a classic 1960s Routemaster bus, transformed into a theatrical experience.

As your creepy conductor navigates the shadowy streets of London, you'll learn about the city's haunted history, from the executions at the Tower of London to the Black Dog of Newgate Prison. The Ghost Bus Tour is not just about ghost stories but also highlights London's gruesome history with an entertaining twist. This tour is a great option if you're looking for a mix of chills and chuckles.

The Edinburgh Ghost Tours

Edinburgh, Scotland's historic capital, is often regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the world. The city's Edinburgh Ghost Tours take you on a chilling journey through the city's haunted sites, revealing its dark past.

Your guide will lead you through the winding streets of the Old Town, down into the depths of the Edinburgh Vaults, and through Greyfriars Kirkyard, home of the infamous Mackenzie Poltergeist. These tours are known for their historical accuracy and storytelling flair and are an excellent choice for history buffs and ghost enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, the UK, with its wealth of history and hauntings, offers a multitude of chilling and atmospheric ghost tours. From the tower of London to the haunted streets of York and Edinburgh, these tours offer an unforgettable experience for anyone brave enough to delve into the UK's haunted history.

The Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunt

One of the oldest and most haunted places in the UK, the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, offers a truly chilling experience for those brave enough to partake in its ghost hunt. This 12th-century inn is rumoured to house many spirits, including that of a witch who took refuge there centuries ago, a murdered young girl named Rosie, and even spectral cats.

Your ghost hunt will begin just as the sun sets, casting a spectral glow on the ancient stone building. As you explore the inn's creaky floorboards and dark corners, your guide will regale you with tales of its haunted past. You may even be lucky – or unlucky – enough to encounter one of the Inn's many resident spirits.

Tickets for the Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunt can be purchased online, with free cancellation up to 24 hours before the event. However, due to the popularity of this tour, it is recommended to book your tickets well in advance. Accommodation is also available for those wishing to stay nearby after the ghost hunt. However, due to the inn's haunted reputation, be prepared for a potentially sleepless night!

The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London

Step back in time to the late 19th century and walk the same streets as one of history's most infamous serial killers, Jack the Ripper. This is a walking tour that combines the allure of a ghost tour with the mystery of an unsolved crime.

Your tour begins as dusk settles on London's East End, once the stomping ground of the notorious killer. As you traverse the labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys, your guide will share in-depth knowledge about the murders, the victims, and the frenzied media coverage of the era. The mystery of Jack the Ripper's identity adds an additional layer of intrigue to this tour.

The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour lasts approximately two hour minutes and offers free cancellation up to an hour before the event. As with most popular tours, it's advisable to book your tours tickets in advance, especially if you hope to take the tour on a specific date.


In essence, the United Kingdom, steeped in centuries of history, mystery, and supernatural occurrences, offers a variety of atmospheric ghost tours. Each tour promises a unique experience, from exploring infamous haunted locations like the Tower of London and Ancient Ram Inn to walking the streets once stalked by Jack the Ripper. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a ghost hunter, or just looking for a great night out, these ghost tours will not disappoint. So why wait? Book your tickets now, and embark on a hair-raising adventure into the UK's most haunted locations.

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